Monday, August 23, 2010


Wahhh,we meet again.Today I bring a new topic to discuss about SMILES.Ahaaa..., you must be wondering what is SMILES actually about.Let's explore this topic together with me as the host as usual.
Smiles is the short form for Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System.

Isn't unique???

Try it at home, it boosts your mode

Whoa I see a lot of images here...

Enough babbling here.See yea.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


In this chapter, you'll learn how to use draw mode tools for creating graphical objects by using application of ACD ChemSketch.There are 5 drawings here that I would like to share with you.






Already finish.I gotta go to clinic. My eyes hurt lately. See you soon.

Drawing Simple and Complex Structures

What should I start with?
hhhmmm looks like I forgot to put the other one tutorial on my blog.
It is about drawing simple and comple structures by using ChemSketch application.Pheeww!!Better not forget again or I'll losing marks.Na'uzubillah.OK,I begin with simple structure.


This chapter considers the basic of structure drawing.We be able to draw atoms, bonds(single double, triple, wedge, coordination, undefined,and Markush.We learnt how to flip a drawn molecular sructure and generate descriptors.Below is the example drawing that I drew myself.It is quite simple.


In this chapter we may draw complex structures using the advanced tools of ACD/ChemSketch.It teaches how to use Table of Radicals to draw typical chemical fragments.Besides, you can learn how to draw ring structures quickly,delete and replace atoms,set double and triple bonds,set an atom's charge,draw cations,and anions, and change various atomic properties.Here, I put some of the drawings.

huh, I know you don't undertstand what I'm babbling about but if you wanna learn more,try it yourself.You know the different.OK, gotta go, see yaa.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Alhamdulillah, we meet again right on my blog.
Topic today is about 3D macromolecules.Specifically, I wanna talk about ASPARTATE, one kind of amino acids.Right now, I,m still looking the additional information about ASPARTATE.
Let see what I have found here.

Author: Chan, D.I., Chu, B.C.H., Lau, C.K.Y., Hunter, H.N., Byers.

Molecule: Acyl carrier protein
Polymer: 1
Type: polypeptide(L)
Length: 80
Chains: A
Mutation: A75H

Acyl carrier protein of Escherichia coli is a small (77-aminoacid)
acidic protein that plays an essential role in several biosynthetic
pathways: fatty acid biosynthesis (reviewed in reference
39), phospholipid biosynthesis (reviewed in reference 3),
lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis (reviewed in reference 28),
and activation of prohemolysin (11). All of these functions
require the presence of the phosphopantetheine prosthetic
group on serine 36 of acyl carrier protein. The terminal thiol
on this prosthetic group is the site of assembly of the fatty
acids, and subsequently, specific acyl chains are transferred to
their respective designated substrate: glycerophosphatides,
lipid A, or prohemolysin.

WHOA!!! There's many thing I don't know about this macromolecules.I hope I can do a little research about ASPARTATE someday.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Journey Of Life

Today is my third week in IIUM Kuantan, Pahang. I think I start to love Kuantan right now. Not to forget my parents in Kedah, I really thankful to them because they support me from all aspects especially money.
I really like the peaceful and harmony environment in this place.I need to go the class by bus or if I'm being late,I have to walk to the Kuliyyah Of Science that far from my hostel or we called here as mahallah.
Somehow,I still learn to adapt myself in the class because it is not easy to taking notes while the lecturers is talking. I have to write the important points quickly and at the same time listening to the lecturres.
Plus, I do not have bought any book yet. Luckily, the seniors have gave me the notes.Ohhh!Forgot to mention my course. I'm doing degree in Biomedical Science.From now on, I have start to read books that thicker than Twilight book. MASYA-ALLAH.........may Allah helps me in my study.
Opppsss! The time is running or I'll cannot catch up for the bus.

SEE YAA, for the next story.